A relaxed maternity with Arzaga Spa & Clarins

Arzaga Spa joint with Clarins’ knowhow wish to present a new psyco-phisical path and beauty treatment aim to enjoy at best your pregnancy, in other words a relaxed maternity.

Day Spa “A Relaxed Maternity”:

  • Couple Prenatal Rebirthing session
  • Aromatic bath and whirpool
  • Beautiful mothers-to be treatment by Clarins

€ 193,50 instead of € 215,00


Day Spa Suite “Relaxed Parents-to-be”

  • Couple Prenatal Rebirthing session
  • Couple whirpool aromatic bath
  • Beautiful Mothers-to-be for her
  • Relaxed Father-to-be for him

€ 260,00 instead of € 305,00


Download your free copy of  Pregnancy, the most beautiful days of your life Guide by Clarins.


Information and reservations


tel. +39030 6806366


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