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Body massages

Clarins Massages

Rebalancing Massage with Essential Oils

A massage of body-embracing movements for an incomparable feeling of wellbeing. Performed with Tonic or Relax body treatment oil.

Melting Honey Deep Touch Massage

An intense massage using deep pressure to relieve tension, eliminate stiffness and release energy. Vigorous movements combined with the invigorating sweetness of Honey. The feeling of wellbeing endures long after the treatment has finished.

Melting Honey Hot Stone Massage

An enveloping Melting Honey massage with smooth marble and slate stones which, with their carefully studied shape, prolong the pressure of the hands to drain, soothe and energize.

Arzaga SPA Custom Massages

Intense massages, customized to suit individual requirements, with effects heightened by the use of essential oils; they represent the optimum treatments to satisfy different individual needs, offering amazing benefits and advantages that are immediately appreciable.

Partial Custom Massage

Custom Body Massage

Custom Scalp and Body Massage

Exclusive Arzaga SPA by Clarins Exclusive Treatment

Sports Massage

This toning, relaxing massage is the preferred choice of sporty types. Before sport, it optimizes muscle response. After sport, it relieves tension and stiffness, enabling better recovery.

Special Treatments Palazzo Arzaga

Osteopathic Treatments and Therapies

Using their hands, osteopaths listen to, analyse and treat the body to improve quality of movement and function. Osteopathic treatments can help improve vitality, mobility and suppleness, as well as correcting posture, alleviating pain and relieving stress.

Holistic Treatments and Therapies

The term “Holistic” comes from the Greek word HOLOS, meaning “Whole”. Holistic treatments originated in the East. The treatments are used to influence the body, mind, emotions and energy and to restore the individual’s psycho-physical balance through techniques of relaxation and postural alignment. The touch of expert hands, using natural oils and essences, will help to release tension and physical, mental and emotional blockages and to reach a state of profound relaxation.

Specific Treatments

Luminous Eyes

A complete treatment for the eye contour area which reduces puffiness, smooths and freshens the eye area.

Bust and Décolleté Beauty

A genuine beauty treatment for a more youthful bust and décolleté. Streamlines and tones, redefining the silhouette.

Neck and Shoulder Relief

A treatment which alleviates stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Back Relief

A massage that relaxes the back and neck muscles, melting away any tension. Instant relief.

Refined Waist

A targeted treatment that drains, streamlines and firms the tummy and hips.

Lighter Legs

A refreshing treatment that relaxes and relieves heavy-feeling legs.

Beautiful Hands

A rejuvenating treatment for beautiful hands which are smooth, soft and comfortable, with stronger nails.

Beautiful Feet

A treatment offering superb comfort for beautiful, lighter feeling feet, followed by a treatment for hands and scalp.

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